Are You An Entitled Person? ft. David Goggins

I don't remember exactly if I broke this down to you, but I was talking to somebody else I know,  about specifically how

No one can see another person's vision

and I think that's what entitlement is. Expectations: expecting someone to see what you see, that’s entitlement.

Expecting someone to see what you see. That right there is entitlement.
Meaning: my vision for the world, my vision for my life, my vision for my family, my goals, my vision and my story of my life, is for me to tell. And when I tell it, of course I expect you to understand me.
of course i expect you to understand what i told you

but that aspect of expecting someone to understand what you told them is kind of a sense of entitlement. 

Because if I'm here to deliver a message, of course I want to deliver it the best way I can. Of course I want to be the most effective but in the same aspect it's not up to me whether the message is received. It's up to me whether the message is delivered...that's why I'm going to say something out my mouth. At the same time it's not up to me to choose if the person actually receives it. And it's not up to me how they perceive it.

And I think a lot of time, that's the entitlement vibration that a lot of us is vibing on.

stages of entitlement

What I'm learning to do is to let go of expecting someone to see things how I see it. Let go of expecting someone to even understand it. I deliver the message and I’m hoping you understand it. I know that I delivered it in the best way I possibly can. And that's all I'm a leave it as. 

But I think bigger than that entitlement goes far. Us just expecting someone to do what we thought because we see them in a certain way. Or because we think they should know that they should be doing it. Or we're giving them hints and signs since they ain't doing something. Or expecting people to read our minds in a way. Expecting people to understand everything about us in our grown adult lives after meeting us and then we just throw our history and our life on to them or whatever. 

Entitlement effects us in so many ways:

entitlement effects our money, relationships, communication and everyday situations

I think a lot of us are moving entitled and we're overestimating how much we are entitled; we’re overestimating how much we’re expecting. We're not doing as much as we can to get what we want. We’re kind of doing just enough and expecting everyone else or “the universe” or outer things to just compliment us and give us what we need because we did a little bit. And that's that entitlement vibe. 

And I feel that a lot in me. I feel like I'm entitled sometimes. I have expectations of people. Specifically, I like to be free and I expect people to know that and don't try to limit me. When people limit it’s like “Bruh, dont you know that I’m the unlimited one?” That vibration is entitlement. 

We can all be entitled in so many different ways. We could be surrounded by entitled people in so many different ways. I think that entitlement is the opposite of us realizing what we're not doing (what we're doing) and we kind of take that (energy) and project that energy onto other people instead of realizing that whatever is missing is (in) us.


That's what entitlement is. Realizing that something is missing from what we desire, from what we want in our physical experience and pointing it out. But we barely point it out as if it's us in a happy or accepting way. We usually point it out as if it's us in a sad way or we just blame it on others which is entitlement. Blame it on external things like, "This is why I haven't got what I want...because of external things." And that's kind of entitlement. 

David Goggins just made me reflect on entitlement. I’m a fan of the big bro. He really uplifts me and motivates me when it comes to getting ready to do what I want to do. Sometimes I listen to motivation videos at the beginning of the day and this is one of the bros right here, David Goggins. 

are you an entitled person by david goggins

He has a no mercy mindset and sometimes you need that. It always makes you reflect on yourself. For me personally it makes me reflect on myself and think about what I could do more. I’m an affirmation guy. I always like to think about myself in a positive way and David Goggins help me think about myself in a positive way. It also he helps me think about myself in a way that’s maximizing my potential instead of just being comfortable with mediocre or just where I'm at. So let me know what you think about this video.

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