3 Ways To Fight Radiation Using Orgonite by Sesh Aten Ka


3 ways to combat 5g radiation using orgonite

Most people sleep with their phones charging near the head of their bed and some even sleep with their phone(s) under their pillow. Some people have more than one phone, tablet, computer and tv. Orgonite may be more helpful to those with the most electronic devices. There isn’t sufficient information and products out there to help you combat some of the effects on the body these low magnetic frequencies can have. Which is why learning how to make orgonite to protect yourself, your home and your family is important. We walk with our phones in our pockets, not thinking about the effect this has on us and our bodies...short term or long term. Do all these electronic devices have a negative effect on us? Most of these gadgets and devices are newly emerging so it may take a while for studies to be questioned, tested and proved. While scientists get ready, you can get a headstart on helping yourself with the healing and protection properties of orgonite.

  • Sleep with orgonite under your bed or next to your pillow or near your bed 
  • Putting an orgonite under your bed, directly where your pillows are can help you have better sleep without subconscious interference from low magnetic frequencies emitted from electronic devices. When you are asleep, your brain is functioning from your subconscious mind, therefore, you are more susceptible to picking up on energy from external sources. With orgonite under your bed, you clear the negative energies and low frequencies that are present. Besides, for maximum protection, you should be sleeping with your phone on “airplane mode”, if not, turn the phone off while you sleep. “Do not disturb mode” does not turn the internet connection or cellular data off. 

  • Place an orgonite on top of your wifi router 
  • Placing and orgonite on your wifi router can help clear the low magnetic frequencies very effectively. The orgonite sort of creates a shield or forcefield between your wifi box and the environment not just combating radiation but also proved to help lower your electric-related bills. For maximum protection, and if your alarm services permit, turn your wifi box off while you sleep or when you’re not using it. There are many things that we do on a daily basis that doesn’t require us to have our internet connected. However, we have become accustomed to the convenience of technology. We have learned to depend on technology’s help which has enabled us to become lazy in some aspects...we do less in situations where we once had to do more because things are easier. It is okay to have to turn your wifi on and off and to wait 3 to 5 minutes for it to start up, instead of leaving it on which can harm you.

  • Put an orgonite in the corners of every wall in your house
  • The corners in your house, especially if they have sharp edges, (how most modern homes are architecturally designed) stores and hoards energy which needs to be cleared, cleansed and purified. Many people know this and use sage, Palo Santo and other forms to clear the energy from the corners in your home. Orgonite, however, can create a forcefield, preventing that energy from being hoarded in the corners of your home in the first place. Actually, the energy that the corners in your home hoards is high vibrational energy leaving behind just remnants of positive energy and mostly low frequencies lurking in your home. This is why plants, air purifiers, incense and the aforementioned smudging rituals are used to purify the air. Place an orgonite in every corner of every room in your home and it will keep the energy of your home purified and protected. 


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